Dr Wambo Yamdjeu, Principal Program Officer, NEPAD

ReSAKSS Annual Conference / Dr Wambo Yamdjeu, Principal Program Officer, NEPAD

Dr Wambo Yamdjeu, Principal Program Officer, NEPAD


Dr Wambo Yamdjeu is an international Agricultural Economist and rural development specialist with over 20 years of experience. He now works more on various aspects of state capabilities development, strategic policy reform, facilitation of private sector engagement in agriculture, program design and implementation, as well as knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation, multi-stakeholder engagement platform facilitation, and tailored coaching.

Prior to joining NEPAD in September 2013 for the second time, since leaving in 2007, he served on a 21-month assignment with the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development as their Task Leader (Advisor) on CAADP and ARD in Africa. This spell bas been an eye opener that made him familiar with the political economy the of aid/development effectiveness agenda and discourse.

As a versatile thinker, who pays attention to details, Dr Wambo Yamdjeu is increasingly interested in the nexus between climate change and the transition towards our changing food systems so as to assist partners develop and implement climate-smart and climate proofed programmes and projects to help ensure resilience and an sustainability. Always keen on making valuable contributions in both scholar debate and practical field endeavours to problem solving in Africa, the continent he has a very fine knowledge of.

Augustin  holds a Ph.D. (with distinctions) in Agricultural Economics from the University of Paris-Sud 11, an M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics from the National Advanced School of Agronomy (ENSA) of Montpellier, France, and an M.Sc. in Agric Engineering from the University of Dschang, Cameroon. Augustin demonstrates fluency in professional French and English.