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The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), in partnership with the African Union Commission (AUC), is convening the 2018 ReSAKSS Annual Conference to promote review and dialogue on the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) implementation agenda. This year’s conference ...

2016 Annual Trends and Outlook Report

Given its heavy reliance on rainfed agriculture and projected climatic and weather changes, SSA faces multidimensional challenges in ensuring food and nutrition security as well as preserving its ecosystems. In this regard, climate-smart agriculture (CSA) can play an important role in addressing the interlinked challenges of food security and climate change.

Strengthening capacities for evidence-based policy planning and implementation in africa: IFPRI’s support to CAADP in 2016-2017

As part of IFPRI’s support to CAADP, the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (ReSAKSS) was established in 2006 to provide policy-relevant analysis, data, and tools necessary to support the ...

Photo of the 2016 ReSAKSS Annual Conference. Released!

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A propos de la conférence

English Thème : « Pour une révolution nutritionnelle en Afrique : En route vers une alimentation saine et une nutrition optimale » 18–20 octobre 2016 Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana   L’Institut International de Recherche sur les Politiques Alimentaires (IFPRI), en partenariat avec la Commission de l’Union Africaine (CUA), organise la conférence annuelle 2016 du ReSAKSS afin >> Read more