Objectives and Expected Outcomes


AKADEMIYA2063, in partnership with AUC, is convening a virtual 2021 ReSAKSS Annual Conference to promote review and dialogue on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on African food systems and policy options to ensure recovery and strengthen resilience to future shocks. The conference will take place virtually on 15–17 November 2021 under the theme of “Building resilient African food systems after COVID-19.”

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The objectives of the conference are to allow participants to:

  1. Discuss the research evidence and recommendations presented in the 2021 ATOR on effects of and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in African countries;
  2. Examine methodological issues related to the assessment of the impacts of COVID-19 and the measurement of resilience capacities;
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Expected outcomes

Expected outcomes of the conference are:

  1. Shared understanding of:
    1. Required policies and actions to accelerate Africa’s recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for future shocks;
    2. Potential solutions to challenges related to measuring the impacts of and resilience to complex shocks;
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Conference Agenda

12 PM (GMT)
3 PM (EAT)

Opening Session:
Welcome & Opening Remarks

7:20 AM (US EST)
12:20 PM (GMT)
3:20 PM (EAT)

Plenary Session I:
Overview of the 2021 Annual Trends and Outlook Report (ATOR) & Keynote Address
[Presentations, Panel & Plenary Discussions]

2 PM (GMT)
5 PM (EAT)


9:05 AM (US EST)
2:05 PM (GMT)
5:05 PM (EAT)

Plenary Session II:
2021 ATOR– Impacts of COVID-19 on African Economies
[Presentations, Panel & Plenary Discussions]

12 PM (GMT)
3 PM (EAT)

Plenary Session III:
2021 ATOR– Responses of African Countries to COVID-19 and Social Protection
[Presentations, Panel & Plenary Discussions]

8:50 AM (US EST)
1:50 PM (GMT)
4:50 PM (EAT)


8:55 AM (US EST)
1:55 PM(GMT)
4:55 PM (EAT)

Plenary Session IV:
2021 ATOR– Measurement Issues
[Presentations, Panel & Plenary Discussions]

12 PM (GMT)
3 PM (EAT)

Plenary Session V:
2021 ATOR– Progress Toward Achieving CAADP Goals
[Presentations, Panel & Plenary Discussions]

8:30 AM (US EST)
1:30 PM (GMT)
4:30 PM (EAT)


8:35 AM (US EST)
1:35 PM (GMT)
4:35 PM (EAT)

Closing Session:
Closing Remarks

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