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2021 ReSAKSS conference presentations

Plenary Session I– Opening Session of the 2021 ReSAKSS Conference

Overview of the 2021 Annual Trends and Outlook Report (ATOR)  by Dr. Éliane Ubalijoro, Sustainability &, Future Earth


Plenary Session II– Impacts of COVID-19 on African Economies

Presentation 1–The Impact of COVID-19 on Agricultural Commodity Prices: Location Matters by Dr. Greenwell Matchaya,  ReSAKSS/IWMI

Presentation 2–COVID-19 Induced Food Trade Disruptions and Poverty in Africa by Dr. Ismaël Fofana,  AKADEMIYA2063

 Presentation 3–Assessing the Vulnerability of African Countries to COVID-19 by Dr. John Ulimwengu, ReSAKSS/ IFPRI


Plenary Session III– Responses of African Countries to COVID-19 and Social Protection

Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Program by Ms. Tsitsi Makombe, AKADEMIYA2063

Presentation 1–Delivery of Social Protection Programs to Combat COVID-19 in Africa by Dr. Jan Duchoslav, IFPRI

Presentation 2–Assessing African Economic Policy Responses Against COVID-19 by Dr. Getaw Tadesse, AKADEMIYA2063

Presentation 3–Rethinking the Role of Social Protection in African Food Systems Post-COVID by Dr. Benjamin Davis, Director, FAO


Plenary Session IV–Measurement Issues

Presentation I–Remote Sensing and Machine Learning for Food Crop Production Data in Africa Post-COVID-19 by Dr. Racine Ly,  AKADEMIYA2063

Presentation 2–Measuring Progress Toward the Malabo Declaration Goals in the Midst of COVID-19: A Measurement Approach for a Health Systems Sensitive Resilience Score

by Dr. Mark Constas, Associate Professor,  Cornell University

Presentation 3–The Measurement of Resilience Capacities through the Integration of Macro-Level and Micro-Level Indicators [DOWNLOAD] by Dr. Marco d’Errico, FAO

Presentation 4–Methods of Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 on Community Dietary Patterns by Dr. Ebenezer Kwofie,  University of Arkansas


Plenary Session V–Progress Toward Achieving CAADP Goals

Presentation 1–Tracking key CAADP indicators and implementation processes by Ms. Julie Collins,  AKADEMIYA2063

Presentation 2– The 2021 Biennial Review Process: Progress and Next Steps by Dr. Simplice Nouala, AUC-DREA

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